Subaxial cervical spine injury


0 No abnormality
1 Compression
2 + Burst fracture
3 Distraction
4 Rotation/translation

Disco-ligamentous complex (DLC)

0 Intact
1 Indeterminate
2 Disrupted

Neurological status

0 Intact
1 Root injury
2 Complete cord injury
3 Incomplete cord injury
+1 Continuous cord compression
(in setting of neuro deļ¬cit)



SLICS = Subaxial Cervical Spine Injury Classification and Severity Scale
It is a composite score of Morphology, DLC and Neurological Status.


Vaccaro et al. The subaxial cervical spine injury classification system: a novel approach to recognize the importance of morphology, neurology, and integrity of the disco-ligamentous complex. Spine (2007) vol. 32 (21) pp. 2365-74