Wilson-Hardy classification

Pituitary adenoma


Suprasellar extension

  • 0: none
  • A: expanding into suprasellar cistern
  • B: anterior recesses of 3rd ventricle obliterated
  • C: floor of 3rd ventricle grossly displaced
  • Parasellar extension

  • D: intracranial (intradural); specify (1) anterior (2) middle, or (3) posterior fossa
  • E: into or beneath cavernous sinus (extradural)
  • Invasion / Spread

    Floor of sella intact

  • I: sella normal or focally expanded; tumor <= 10mm
  • II: sella enlarged; tumor >= 10mm
  • Sphenoid extension

  • III: localized perforation of sellar floor
  • IV: diffuse destruction of sellar floor
  • Distant spread

  • V: spread via CSF or blood-borne
  • Reference

    Greenberg's Handbook of Neurosurgery, 7th edition