Berger-Sanai classification

Insular glioma

Orientation lines

  1. Horizontal plane in sagittal view, bisection line along the sylvian fissure
  2. Perpendicular plane intersected at the level of the foramen of Monro


(existing of the resulting quadrants)
  • Zone I: anterior-superior
  • Zone II: posterior-superior
  • Zone III: posterior-inferior
  • Zone IV: anterior-inferior
  • Combinations

  • for tumors occupying > 1 zone, write e.g. "Zone I + II"
  • tumors occupying all 4 zones are defined as "giant"
  • Reference

    Sanai N, Polley M-Y, Berger MS. Insular glioma resection: assessment of patient morbidity, survival, and tumor progression. J Neurosurg 2010; 112:1-9.