Children's Coma ScaleConsciousness in children < 4y
FOUR scoreFull Outline of UnResponsiveness
Glasgow Coma ScaleConsciousness levels (EMV score)
RASSRichmond Agitation-Sedation Scale
Ramsey Sedation ScaleSedation score for ICU
ACC / AHA staging systemHeart failure
ASA classPresurgical condition for anaesthesia
BNI Facial Numbness ScaleFacial numbness (trigeminal nerve)
BNI Pain Intensity ScoreFacial pain (trigeminal nerve)
Engel classEpilepsy surgery outcome
GOLD criteriaCOPD severity
Glasgow Outcome ScaleOutcome after severe brain damage
Hoehn & YahrParkinson's disease staging
ILAE classificationEpilepsy surgery outcome
KarnofskyClinical performance status
LeFort fracturesMaxillary fractures
MallampatiOral anatomy for intubation
McGill Pain ScoreGeneral pain assessment
NYHA classificationHeart failure
Steinbrocker's gradeFunctional disability in rheuma
Motor system
ASIA impairment scaleImpairment in spinal cord injury
Frankel gradeSpinal cord function
House-BrackmannFacial nerve function
MRC scaleScoring of muscle strength
Modified Ashworth scaleAssessment of spasticity
Tardieu scaleAssessment of spasticity
Anand classificationThoracic disc disease
Harrington classificationMetastatic spine tumor description
MDIMyelopathy Disability Index
Modic classificationVertebral endplate and marrow changes
Modifed Bauer scoreMetastatic spine tumor prognosis
Nurick classificationCervical spondylotic myelopathy
Patchell criteriaMetastatic epidural spinal cord compression
Ranawat classificationCervical spondylotic myelopathy
SINSSpine Instability Neoplastic Score
Tokuhashi scoreMetastatic spine tumor prognosis
Tomita scoreSurgical strategy for spinal metastases
Van der Linden scoreMetastatic spine tumor prognosis
Spine trauma
Anderson-D'AlonzoC2 (odontoid) fractures
Canadian C-Spine RuleIndication for posttraumatic C-spine radiography
Levine-EdwardsC2-C3 traumatic spondylolisthesis (Hangman's #)
Maegerl AO classificationThoracolumbar spine trauma
NEXUSIndication for posttraumatic C-spine radiography
Rule of SpenceC1 (Jefferson) fractures
SLICSSubaxial cervical spine injury
TLICSThoracolumbar spine injury
TuliC0 (occipital condylar) fractures
Abbrev'd Injury Scale (AIS)Scoring items for ISS
Adams DAI gradesDiffuse Axonal Injury
Injury Severity Score (ISS)Overall score for multitrauma
Marshall classificationCT abnormalities in brain trauma
Papilledema gradesFunduscopy findings
Rotterdam CT scoreCT abnormalities in brain trauma
Berger-Sanai classificationInsular glioma
Fisch classificationGlomus jugulare tumors (temporal)
Glasscock-Jackon classificationGlomus jugulare tumors
Kadish stagesAesthesioneuroblastoma prognosis
Kassam classificationCraniopharyngioma endonasal approach
McCormick classificationIntramedullary spinal cord tumors
Modified JacksonGlomus tumors classification
Pignatti scoreLow grade glioma survival prognosis
Play-performance scaleClinical performance in childhood cancer
Simpson gradeExtent of surgical meningeoma resection
Wilson-Hardy classificationPituitary adenoma
ABCD2 scoreStroke risk after TIA
ASPECTS scoreCT ischemic hypodensity
Barthel IndexBasic activity performance after stroke
Borden classificationDural arteriovenous fistulae (DAVF)
CHA2DS2-VASc scoreStroke risk in atrial fibrillation
CHADS2 scoreStroke risk for nonrheumatic atrial fibrillation
Cognard classificationDural arteriovenous fistulae (DAVF)
Fisher gradeCT-based vasospasm risk after SAH
HAS-BLEDRisk for major bleeding in AF
Hunt & HessSubarachnoid hemorrhage
ICH scoreRisk stratification for intracerebral hematoma
Lasjaunias classificationVein of Galen malformations
Modified Rankin ScaleDisability scale after stroke
NIHSSStroke severity
Papile-Burstein classificationIntraventricular hemorrhage
Pollock-Flickinger scoreAVM grading for radiosurgery
Spetzler-Martin gradeAVM grading scale (1986)
Spetzler-Ponce classificationAVM classification and treatment guide (2010)
WFNS SAH gradingSubarachnoid hemorrhage
Yasargil classificationVein of Galen malformations